If you were to choose. Who do you think wins in a fight between an Eagle and a Coyote? In all honestly, I think it would depend on the day and what the fight was over. Is a mama trying to protect her baby or babies, then watch out, I think that animal Eagle or Coyote, wins. Any other day, it's just up in the air.

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By now you're probably thinking, who even thinks this? Why would you ask this question? There is a reason I swear, it's because a trail cam in Minnesota recently captured an Eagle and a Coyote squaring off a bit, and the pure size of the Eagle up against coyote surprised me. I knew Eagles were large birds, but next to a coyote, you can see a great size comparison.

See for yourself what I mean, from pictures shared on Facebook by Minnesota Outdoors:

If you read through the comments many are just as surprised to see exactly how big the eagle does look. Now don't be mistaken like some, thinking it's a wolf, because it's not. It's definitely a coyote, which are in comparison usually much smaller than a wolf. I've always known that eagles are massive birds, but never actually been near enough to compare to my size, this picture definitely gives me a better idea.

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Not quite positive what they're fighting over, it does look however, as though there is a dead carcass on the ground they are both trying to feed on and just aren't having it. But don't take my word on it, that's just my guess. Either way, cool pictures and moment caught on a trail cam. If you're wondering who won, we don't actually know, but you can make up a narrative on who you think wins. But I have my money on the eagle this round. What about you?

Now off to share this with dad, to try and convince him it's time to put his trail cam up finally. Because you never know what you might catch from nature on a trail cam, but these pics are some of my favorite to date.

Do you have any trail cam pictures you'd like to share? Please do, we'd love to see them. Just send them via our app by messaging them to us.

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