This is straight from the, "But I thought it was a sure thing!" file. You'll also find it cross-referenced in the "There is no such thing as a sure thing!" file. And the "The Vikings Will Make You Cry Every. Single. Time." file.


According to ESPN, a dough-head thought he'd pick up an easy $450 by betting on Sunday's Vikings game (they lost to the Bills 27 - 6). 

To be fair, everyone in Vegas (and Minnesota, yah?) thought the Vikings were going to win. They were -2000 on what they call The Money Line, which is the odds of them simply winning (no spread).

BUT, that means to win just $5, you have to bet $100! And a gambler did just that...only with $9,000. The best he could win was $450, but he probably thought, "Eh, a quick $450, no big whoop."

Whoops. They lost and so he lost all of it. Gone. Done.

If you or I made that kinda bet, we'd have been sweating, crying, and probably getting drunk during the game. But this guy? Well, maybe if you can afford to throw down $9K to win $450, you can afford to lose $9K.


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