If you love tubing, fun lights, and music you definitely don't want to miss night tubing in Minnesota this winter! This specific place is called Powder Ridge in Kimball, which is just northwest of the Twin Cities.

The event is called Lazer Light Tubing at Powder Ridge. There are lazers, there are strobes, there are lots of flashing lights, it looks like a great time! And you get a free glowstick with your ticket so you can match all of the fun lights. And you have to have great music pumping while you slide down the hill.

Night tubing minnesota
Powder Ridge

The only problem is that all of the dates for Lazer Light Tubing are totally sold out except for two. Seriously, there are only two days left for all winter that have availability. It's $26 per person to tube for 2 hours (and you get that free glow stick I mentioned). You do need to buy tickets in advance. The first day of Lazer Light Tubing is December 31st but that one's sold out. The only dates left as of right now are March 4th and March 5th.

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Another night tubing option that's been available in the past is a little closer to home at Buck Hill in Burnsville. Last winter they only had it for three days in February. I'd expect that they'd do it around the same time again this year, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


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