As I was looking through my Facebook feed this morning, an article popped up that someone shared about birth order. We have all seen these articles, they claim that birth order means certain things to how a personality develops. While this may be true, and smarter people than I, have studied this, it makes for great conversation.

The conversations are great, especially if you come from a larger family, like mine. I can claim certain bragging rights by being the eldest, most especially the rights to brag that if you are first born, you are the best.

So, I am sorry to my younger siblings, research proves I am the best child. Apparently I am most likely to be the smartest, most successful, and a rule follower. While these may not all apply, it's all fun if you come from a family like mine, where you can make these claims and not get anyone too upset. To read them all, click here.

portrait of young children by a snowman
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