Unlike last year, we didn't run out of candy and result in giving away Christmas mints, but we did have one memorable trick-or-treater. The young man was 11 or 12, and he was convinced we had pet chickens. 

It was a rather uneventful evening at Chez Shea, the number of kids out trick-or-treating this year seemed lower than last year. The weather probably kept kids from venturing far from home, but we still had 40-50 kids stop by and grab some candy. There were princesses, spidermen, a golden gopher, and inflatable aliens. But one trick-or-treater stood out to my wife and me.

He was 11 or 12 years old and came with a group of 5 or 6 buddies. His friend wearing an inflatable alien costume asked for AAA batteries rather than candy as his fan had run out of juice. We didn't have any for him but he got a handful of candy. His friend was too busy looking at our front step to see me extend my hand filled with candy to drop in his bag.

I asked him what he was finding so interesting about our front step, that is when he looked up flashed a grin and asked us if we had chickens. "Chickens? Urm, No I have candy though."

Kid: "You've got chickens, look at this chicken feed on your step."

Me: "Oh, that's birdseed. We keep a bird feeder out for the sparrows and finches, aren't they messy?"

Kid: "Where are the chickens? Did you eat them?"

Me: "We don't have chickens, we just feed the birds. They are like very tiny chickens"

Kid to his friend: "Chicken nuggets!"

They both burst out laughing and left. My wife turned and gave me a look that said what the heck was that. I shrugged and we went back inside to refill our beverages and the candy bowl.

I hope you all had a great Halloween, and to the young man asking about the chickens, I hope you got some McNuggets after you were done trick-or-treating.

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