Your alarm jolts you out a deep sleep and you groggily get your morning started. What are the first things you think about?

Even if you're a morning person, our lifestyle can make things pretty hectic in the morning when we're getting up, getting ready for work, and getting the kids up and ready to go. Here are the top five things that cross our minds each morning.

A new survey says it takes us an average of just over an hour to get ready to leave the house each morning-- specifically, one hour and two minutes, at least according to this SWSN Digital story.

And, it says it takes us about half an hour (29 minutes, specifically) to feel fully wide awake and ready to go. So when that alarm first rings each morning, what are the first things we think about? Check out this list and see if these answers apply to you.

The Top 5 Things Minnesotans Think Of First Thing In The Morning

5.  What's happening on social media.  Do you grab your phone and check Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat first? Apparently, a lot of us do!

4. A household chore. Are the dishes clean? How about the coffee? Where's my travel mug?!? And, when's the last time we cleaned the shower?!?

3. Something health-related. Like, should my back really be making those noises when I get up?!?

2. Something you have to do for work. Is that report due today... or tomorrow?!?

1. The weather! This one especially applies here in Minnesota-- is it going to snow, or will it feel like summer?!? Can I leave the windows open or will it rain in?!? Is it going to be really cold or really hot at work?!?

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