These Trick or Treaters definitely ended up with tricks over treats.

In anticipation of Halloween, we took to Facebook to ask our listeners to share the worst Halloween treat they ever received.

The answers did not disappoint. Here are some of our favorites:

"Those peanut butter taffy things.... wrapped in orange or black wax paper. Bleh...." - Tricia

"Christmas candy that had been in the candy jar since the previous Christmas." - Stacey

"Coupons for something out-of-state." RJ

"Expired movie pass" - Scott

"There was a guy that gave us all garbage out of his pocket (I got a used kleenex) Luckily we had a parent with us so the guy got an earful from my friend's dad." - Katrina

"Toothbrush...ask a kid who wants a toothbrush from the dentist who lives on your road!?!?!" - Susan

"A pack of batteries cuz they were out of candy" - Brooke

"A hot dog no bun" - Libby

"A handful of peanuts thrown loosely into our treat bags or church pamphlets." - Cindy

Toothbrush, toothpaste, apples and popcorn balls were all common answers as well.

What was the worst Halloween Trick or Treat treat you ever received?


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