For some the warmer temperatures and sunshine have felt mighty nice.You've  noticed the snow cover melting. With conditions like this the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has issued a warning of deteriorating ice conditions. A lot of kids will be out and about in the next week or so during Christmas break. The DNR reminds parents to stay with this kids near the ice and be very cautious when it comes to venturing out on any ice on area bodies of water.

The DNR guidelines for ice include staying off ice less than 4 inches in depth. You need at least 4 inches for activities on foot. 5-7 inches is recommended for a snowmobile or ATV and a car or small pickup requires 8-12 inches while a medium truck needs at least 12-15".

While the dangers of thin ice in Southern Minnesota are commonly apparent, many folks may head north during the break. Not all ice up north is safe yet either. The DNR recommends you check ice thickness at least every 150 feet.

Be safe and alive to enjoy what 2019 has to offer.

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