UNDATED -- The sport off-highway motorcycling is growing in popularity and the state is looking at creating more trails to meet the demand. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the organization Up! Outside are creating a master plan.

DNR Off-Highway Vehicle Planner Joe Unger says right now motorcycles do use some ATV trails, but riders prefer tighter single tracks. He says they do have some dedicated motorcycle trails, but they're all up north in the state forests, and they're looking to create more opportunities closer to population centers.

So closer to the Twin Cities metro, or other major population centers like St. Cloud, Duluth or Rochester.  See if there are any opportunities near those population centers for trails so people don't have to drive two or three hours.

Unger says the state is looking to partner with cities and counties, as well as use land the state already owns.

Funding is already in place to help pay for the new trails.

We do have a steady income stream for off-highway motorcycles through registration fees and a gas tax associated with the OHM off trails, so there's a fairly steady dedicated account for the development of new trails and the providing maintenance.

They hope to have the Off-Highway Motorcycle Mast Plan completed by next summer and then start creating the new trails.

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