This week, after the mayors in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, executed COVID-19 executive orders, which included having to show proof of vaccination or negative test before going to a restaurant or bar, the orders went into effect. Unlike Minneapolis, many Saint Paul restaurants actually are excluded from the order issued by Mayor Melvin Carter due to a minor technicality. Saint Paul only licenses liquor distributing restaurants and of course bars, so if the restaurants don't have a liquor license in Saint Paul, they technically don't have to abide by the new order.

The order made by Mayor Melvin Carter states that customers going to a restaurant or bar must show:

"proof of either vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours has to be shown at city-licensed businesses where food or drink is served indoors"

According to a Saint Paul press release, the order went into effect on the 19th for "non-ticketed events, and January 26 for ticketed events. Athletes, performers, and supporting staff competing or performing at any space of public accommodation subject to this regulation, are not subject to the requirement, provided that the facility follows all supplemental COVID-19 safety measures."

So what that means is out of the 700+ restaurants in Saint Paul, only those with liquor licenses, around 300, issued by the city are required to ask for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72-hours.

Businesses of course without a city liquor license in Saint Paul can choose to enforce the vaccination card or negative test requirement if they choose, but if they don't want to, there really isn't much that the City of Saint Paul can do right now.

If you were wondering about Minneapolis, there isn't the same loophole as ALL restaurants are licensed by both the city and state whether or not there is a liquor license involved or not.

WCCO-TV so far is the only media outlet to have reported on the Saint Paul vaccination card requirement omission.

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