It's the weekend and time to party. Wait. Maybe not. Although I believe groups of 10 or more can gather together. Or did that number go up for a house party or BBQ? But any ideas you might have for a COVID party should not be acted upon. Minnesota health officials liken it to playing "Russian Roulette" according to a recent story from Bring Me The News.

Kris Ehrenmann is the MN Department of Health Director and said she has heard "from various sources" of groups planning such parties as a way "presumably to get COVID at time more convenient to them." While she admits that cases affecting young people typically have not been as severe as those in vulnerable adults, "We've had at least three deaths in healthy people in their 20's. So this is something we are very concerned about."

I spoke with a medical professional in-training who told me there are still too many uncertainties about this strain of the coronavirus to actively make an effort to catch the disease. She also said it's not a good idea to follow in the steps of a previous generation with chickenpox parties that some parents held for their children.

Ehresmann said unknowns include whether you can become infected again after overcoming COVID once and how long those antibodies last.

The pandemic is less than six months old and new developments seem to come about rapidly. Even health experts have gone back-and-forth. Don't wear masks. Do wear masks. The virus stays alive on surfaces a long time. Actually, maybe not.

If you are ill, stay home. A woman from my church lives with her son-in-law. He went to play basketball with some buddies, including a guy who was exhibiting symptoms, but dismissed it as allergies. He later tested positive for COVID-19 and that whole group is now quarantined.

Bottom line still seems to be stay socially distant and wear a mask.


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