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Many Minnesotans like to have an adult beverage (or two), but did you know a third of Minnesotans say drinking has caused a problem in their relationship?

Having a lovely beverage can be a great thing to do with family and friends to help celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just the fact that we've all made it through another day during the ridiculous year that is 2020, right?

But drinking alcohol can also lead to serious problems in your relationship with your significant other. At least, that's what 33 percent of Minnesotans said in this new survey from

The survey noted that a third of couples in Minnesota say they've gotten into an argument with their partner after they've been drinking. (Which might be because the survey also noted that 20-percent of us say we're 'more honest' after having had a few drinks.)

Excessive drinking is also a problem, the survey said, noting that 15-percent of Minnesotans said say they have had a relationship end because of problem drinking. Nearly one-fifth of Minnesota respondents say they have been in a situation where they had to ask their partner to cut down on their drinking. And, three-quarters say they would definitely consider ending a relationship if their partner started to drink excessively.

While drinking can be a serious issue in relationships, many respondents also it's been a positive part of their life-- when done in moderation. Nearly 1 in 10 say alcohol is an important part of their relationship, the survey said, and if they both partners stopped drinking, a third of respondents said their relationship would suffer.

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