Community Pathways, it's a new name, with the same focus as before. The Steele County Foodshelf and the Steele County Clothesline have merged. They are now one entity, not two separate ones that share a building. Their address remains the same, they are not moving. The Steele County Foodshelf will now be known as The Marketplace and the Clothesline will be known as Unique Finds. Here's the announcement from their Facebook Page:

They will still serve all of Steele County, and they have the same programs, but the merger streamlines everything. They share a data base, so only one application is needed to access both services for a resident. This also means that work will not be duplicated and gives the agency more freedom to move employees around to positions that match their skill sets.

We had Maureen Schlobohm on "Talk of the Town" this morning talking about the merger and how that looks for the future. No services will be lost, in fact they hope to offer more in the future. In addition to providing food, they also provide clothing to those in need. The thrift store, Unique Finds, is open to the community for shopping, no income guidelines apply.

We are excited for this merger and cannot wait to see what other programs they will be able to offer moving forward.

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