It's official, I am obsessed with food lately. Most likely because it is the holiday season, where there are yummy treats to be found everywhere. We have people bringing baked goods into work, stopping to get bagels and cream cheese, just this morning even. Thank you Mr. Fischer, it was much appreciated.

With the abundance of food this time of year, it makes sense that the odd holidays are somewhat food related. Take today, it's National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. This means that anything you enjoy covered in chocolate can be used to celebrate.

I am sure that as I am finishing my holiday baking I will be participating in this holiday, and enjoying the fruits of my labors. Chocolate covered pretzels, while time-consuming to make, are my favorite this time of year. I have seen chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered bacon, chocolate covered nuts, and while they all sound interesting, I think I might draw the line at chocolate covered grasshoppers. (It's a real thing, and no thank you.)

Chocolate covered anything day, because chocolate is wonderful, and why not celebrate it?

chocolate strawberry

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