We've all been through the painful ordeal of looking for employment. It's almost an art and some, maybe most, aren't very good at it. I had a boss once that said if he gets 100 applications for a job opening, He'll filter out all but 3 that really stand out and go from there.

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I also once interviewed a guy from Wisconsin and wanted to hire him.  I called him and offered him the job and he turned it down. Seems he was on probation for arson and wasn't allowed to leave the state.

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According to Reddit, here are some other reasons applicants were rejected and rightfully so. Check these out.

A guy applied at a restaurant and showed up for the interview wearing no shirt or shoes. REJECTED!

A guy came to an interview wearing a brand new un-ironed dress shirt with the pins still in it. During the interview, he started bleeding from the neck.  REJECTED!

A women asked during her interview "Does this place have a drug policy? Because I like to have fun on the weekends."  REJECTED!

A woman applied for a job as a police dispatcher.  Turns out she had an outstanding warrant. REJECTED! and arrested.

Hopefully, your job interviews go better than it did for these people.  however, with today's job market and shortage of applicants, all of the above would probably get hired today.

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