Incredible, edible cakes are back for the 43rd annual Young Life of Owatonna cake auction. The event is Saturday, April 17 with a walk-through at Trinity Lutheran Church from 8 to 11 am. Online bidding will begin Friday, April 16. The pandemic was just breaking a year ago and the auction was held sans cakes. It was still a successful fundraiser for Owatonna's Young Life program. But director Lindsay Thompson is happy to have the decorated cakes back as part of the auction's signature feel.

"We have amazing donors and bakers and community members, so I don't doubt there will be wonderful cakes. That talent, that art in that is always amazing. I'm looking forward to that."

Auction cakes come with 'specials.' Thompson says there's a great variety of items, "We have a week stay at the Belmore cabin on Lake Francis, and we have a trap shooting experience, and we have a lot of great things for your patios and bonfires, some Solo stoves, some great yard games. There's really neat experiences, and or things, that will allow people to be together in some way, shape or form and that's what we're always going for with Young Life."

Supporters can purchase sale cakes on the morning of the event. In addition to bidding online for cakes/specials. Beginning at 9 am on Saturday, will broadcast live from the auction with a run through of all the 150 items available to bid on.

Among the specials are an Owatonna County Club pool membership, a four-person golf outing at Brooktree Golf Course, dinner from various local restaurants, and a 10-person brewery experience at Mineral Springs Brewery in Owatonna. Gopher football tickets, a Sollid Studio punch card, a learn to curt experience, and Top Golf for 7-12 people are other specials. Find the full list on the Owatonna Young Life website.

How high will your bids go with the extra $10,000 in your pocket from winning cash on this station's app?

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