Think it's a good idea to venture out on the roadway when it's covered in snow? This massive pileup may make you think otherwise.

This video comes from Quebec and, mon dieu, is it a disaster of Flo from Progressive proportions.

First things, first. This is a total mess. The conditions are bad and the ensuing crashes underscore just how treacherous driving in the snow can be, in case you didn't already know. Maybe traveling by water is the smart way to go when the snow is coming down.

Second, what's up with this happening in Canada? Snow comes down like maple syrup out of trees, so you'd think motorists would be a little more adept at handling the powder when behind the wheel, wouldn't you?

Third, how long do you think it took to clear the road and get traffic moving again? We're guessing you could listen to Celine Dion's entire catalog before drivers managed to start rolling along to the closest Tim Hortons.

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