Chalk this one up to terrible parenting. I don't know what she had in her wallet that was more important than her kid's safety. Whatever it was, she was determined to get that wallet back, at almost any cost.


It was a nice sunny day at Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, MN. A mother and her son were checking out the wildlife and, all in all, having a great time.

While checking out the alligator pit at the park, somehow, the mother lost the grip on her wallet and it fell right into the water in the gator pit.

What do you do? Write it off and cancel all your credit cards, get a new drivers license and carry on with your day at the park?

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Well, this mother had a different idea. She sent her kid into the alligator pit to retrieve her wallet. Watching the video, you can see the boy is not quite sure how to go about fishing his mom's wallet out of the water without becoming lunch for the gators.

Finally, it appears the boy isn't going to get the job done and into the pit goes Mom. She proceeded to throw stuff into the water to distract the alligators and ,believe it or not, she got her wallet back.

According to WFTL News, the wildlife park would like to press charges of child endangerment against the women. So far, she has yet to be identified.



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