In a social media post this morning, the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group, is getting creative and 'mad' about its March cancer fundraiser. The group announced that during the month of March, it will utilize the popular NCAA basketball tournament to encourage donations to the group.

According to the post above, all you have to do is register or log-in to ESPN for a bracket, select who you think will win the head-to-head matchups and then the best bracket will win some money while the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group raises money. It's a win-win. How will the payouts work? According to the post on their Facebook page: "The BP Cancer Group will receive 50%, first place will receive 25%, second place 15% and third will receive 10%."

The instructions from the post indicate to those who want to play/donate have to head to this ESPN [<-- click ESPN to go] page first to "create your bracket." Don't forget to "sign in with ESPN in the upper right-hand corner first."

Once you've picked your winners, send the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group your donation. You can send a Venmo payment to the group using @BP-CancerGroup, or if you prefer you can also use PayPal at the following link here.

For those that prefer to simply write out a check you can do that too, simply mail your check to BP Cancer Group at PO Box 817, Blooming Prairie, MN 55917.

So I guess it's time to get "mad" Blooming Prairie and all the surrounding communities in an effort to raise money to beat cancer.

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