Give person X an inch and they'll take a mile. That's a metaphor that's often used when talking about people taking advantage of a situation. Mother Nature is about to do that in some ways as we are getting ready for back to back to back snow events. It's not 1991 Halloween amounts of snow but an inch here and an inch there sure can add up. 

The National Weather Service out to the Twin Cities this morning tweeted out that we can expect somewhere in the realm of 1-3 inches of fresh snow this afternoon into the evening.

After the snow today and tonight, forecasters are predicting snow Monday night into Tuesday and then more snow on Wednesday. The amount we 'could' see on Monday night falls in the 1-2 inch realm again,
Image Credit: The Weather Channel via
Image Credit: The Weather Channel via

Wednesday's forecast is calling for precipitation in the form of snow flurries with no amount being stated according to The Weather Channel. Some forecast models have us getting an inch, others show a dusting. The one thing we know it that Wednesday is still too far off for any accurate weather models.

This same system will be slamming the Pacific Northwest this week too and they have predicted: "Several feet of snow is likely in the Cascades and the northern Rockies." To quote Carl from the movie Caddyshack "So I've got that going for me."

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