Connor Lee has come a long way to play junior hockey with the Steele County Blades. The Sydney, Australia native is putting on more frequently flyer miles by traveling to Bulgaria to join his national team for the World Juniors tournament.

"I'm really excited for it." Lee has played for Team Australia before in the U-18 World Tournament. Now he's on the U-20 team, "I just got an email," he commented about how he found about landing a spot on the National team. "Playing for my country. It's a huge honor."

Lee has a funny story on how he began playing hockey as Australia isn't necessarily well known for producing hockey players. He says his dad was supposed to take him skiing, but instead they went ice skating. Lee says, "It kind of just skyrocketed from there." Hear the full interview with Lee by clicking the link below.

Lee says the number of people playing hockey has increased a lot over the last ten years. The Blades have had others form Australia play for them in the past.

The Blades will carry on without Lee for the moment. They play the Blue Ox in Coon Rapids on Friday, January 10. Steele County scored a recent victory over Minnesota at home.

The next home game for Steele County is Federated Insurance Night on Saturday, January 18. Several special events during the night include a Meet the Blades opportunity after the game. The puck drops at 7 pm. On Sunday, January 19 the Blades entertain the Minnesota Mullets at 3 pm.

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