16-year-old Minnesotan Shaine Kilyun is a big animal lover. She wants to help animals, especially disabled ones. So she decided to learn how to make wheelchairs for these pets and now sells them for a much, much cheaper price than purchasing from a manufacturer. Her wheelchairs are called Wheelies.

She watched YouTube videos, it took some trial and error, but Shaine eventually figured out how to make these wheelchairs. FOX 9 mentioned that a wheelchair for a dog that could run you $1,000 from a manufacturer Shaine charges around $300 for. She only wants payment for the cost of the materials, that's it. No extra fee for labor or anything like that because Shaine just wants to help these animals who are in need.

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One of the dogs that she helped last year was a Great Dane in Oregon named Cypress. Cypress needed a wheelchair because her front legs are about 6 inches shorter than her back legs. Shaine was able to create the perfect wheelchair for her. She's also helped a Chihuahua in Ohio and a dog that had recently been brought to a shelter in Minnesota, Home For Life Animal Sanctuary, from Saudi Arabia. She gives shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries free wheelchairs for pets that need it.

She has helped many other pets, including cats and a hedgehog! And as of October, she was working on one for a duck.

Last year Wheelies became very popular and Shaine has started to receive donations from people to help cover the costs of the materials. If you're interested in donating or you want more information about the wheelchairs, the email for Wheelies is wheeliesdogwheelchairs@gmail.com.

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