Here we go, again.

Amazon has announced that they are raising the rate for their "Prime Membership" and it will go from $119 to $139.

Many have been critical of Amazon Prime as of late due to packages not arriving in two days or less, plus additional taxes have now been added to prime orders.

So when will the new rates kick in? The higher rates will go into effect on February 18th for new customers and then on March 25th for existing customers.

Some on social media are now questioning if it is even worth paying for the perk being that packages aren't arriving as quickly while paying for the premium service.

Prime Members often get perks in faster delivery options, streaming, reading, and gaming. This will be the first time Amazon raises the rate for Prime members since 2018.

I should note here that stock in Amazon skyrocketed once the rate spike was announced this week.

By the way, if you are looking to keep your Prime benefits without having to pay the new more expensive rates, many cell phones companies and others offer promotions that include a free Prime membership to Amazon. Be sure to ask.

As you may expect, many are now questioning if they will keep their Prime memberships, while others seem to have already made up their mind on the "investment".


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