He Ghosted Her Because She Doesn't Like What On Her  Pizza?

Keisha Diephuis is a single mom in Rochester, Minnesota. She has an awesome son in first grade and you can hear her each week on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show in a new feature called, "Adventures In Dating with Keisha."

Waldo's Pizza
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Tap play to hear this week's episode where the guy is SUPER serious about his pizza toppings. How serious? He's so serious, if she doesn't like this one-topping on her pizza, it's a deal-breaker!

This is the kind of situation where you wonder just how big a bullet Keisha dodged. I joke about it, but it's totally cool not to like pineapple on your pizza. How is it a deal-breaker? Does your sweetie-pie have to match you on everything? How boring is that? As the French should say, "Le ugh."

And you can click here to hear that whole show!

What Do You Think of These Dealbreakers (link)?

  • VanthGuide - Smoking. I would never start the relationship to begin with and would walk out the door if my current partner started smoking.
  • Celestey - Anger issues. Life is too short to be with someone who yells at you or makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them. Call me when you’ve done a few years of therapy and maybe we can talk.
  • DarkLady - Lying. Even about small things, because if they lie about a small thing, they'll lie about bigger things.
walt disney world - magic kingdom castle fireworks
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  • lohannes_di_markus - This might sound dumb, but if they are super into Disneyland or anything truly corporate. To me, as someone who see things as social constructs, it is a huge red flag for me to see someone only being happy by the self-creation of capitalistic fun. Kinda signals to me they are shallow inside on levels I will not be able to vibe with.
  • Impressive-Bench9223 - Lack of respect. I nip that in the bud early. If he doesn't respect you after a few dates, that is only going to go downhill after a few years when you're comfortable around each other.

Personal Note: That last one, respect, covers so much that is important in relationships!

A Quick Guide to Respect - Right-click to save as and put on your fridge!

Rabe - Anonymous
Rabe - Anonymous



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