During this time of social distancing, all you need to have a parade in your honor is have a birthday. I guess I qualify. While concerts and sports have been postponed or canceled, birthdays are going to happen no matter what. I've already been invited to a pair of parade birthdays. Drive by, honk your horn, and go home. Not too satisfying for the guest, but we've got to do what we've got to do.

Hopefully the recipients are able to enjoy their guests, which sometimes include local law enforcement and first responders. Our website reported on one such event for a seven-year-old North Dakota boy. Check out the story, including video.

Another event you can't postpone is Easter. The Medford Civic Club will host an Easter Bunny Parade on Saturday, April 11 from 3 pm to 4 pm. It is designed only for Medford residents who will be able to see the bunny roll through the entire town on a fire truck. Check the civic club's Facebook page for details and the route.

The drive by concept is working with the Be The Light MN social media movement with fields, like Fuller Field at Dartt's Park in Owatonna, lighting the lights as a show of honor for students isolated from their classmates and teachers by distance learning.

Blooming Prairie football coach Chad Gimbel was recently on the receiving end of a drive by celebration when he was named Minnesota's football coach of the year.

A good chunk of the town of Owatonna did a collective parade the day before stay-at-home went into effect when cruising returned for a night.

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