It appears 'Grinchs' live beyond the city limits of Whoville.

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On Wednesday, December 22, someone stole seven giant snowflake decorations that hung on Scandia lampposts.

Mayor Christine Maefsky Facebook
Mayor Christine Maefsky Facebook

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the town originally bought 42 snowflake ornaments at $100 apiece. 

As one can see in the picture above, the snowflakes hang nearly 11 feet above the ground, meaning the thief (or thieves) were highly motivated. 

Scandia Mayor Christine Maefsky said, "You'd have to stand in the bed of a pickup or on a small ladder."

Police are still searching the streets for the bright wintry decorations.

Scandia is a Washington County. The town is 25 miles northeast of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and is part of the Twin Cities Metro Area.

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Scandia is marked by the red dot: Google Maps

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