May 15 is a date that's important for a number of entities. Every date has some type of historical significance but May 15 has a few that I find interesting.

May 15, 1718 the first patent for a machine gun is issued to a man in London. Did you have any idea that someone that far back had thought up such a thing.

May 15, 1817 marked the date that the first private mental health hospital opened. It was located in Philadelphia. One wonders what the staff really knew about mental illness.

May 15, 1862 is the date the Department of Ag was founded

May 15, 1905 a brand new city named Las Vegas is founded

May 15, 1918 marked the first regular airmail delivery service offered to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Keep in the Wright Brothers had flown just 15 years prior.

May 15, 1928 marks the first film appearance for Mickey Mouse.

May 15, 1940 the very first McDonalds opens. It was located in San Bernadino, California.

and closer to home, today is the 65th birthday for KIMT-TV (channel 3) based in Mason City, Iowa. It signed on the air as KGLO-TV on May 15, 1954.

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