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Our smartphones are pretty much always with us these days, and a new survey shows we'd take some extreme measures in order to keep them right there by our side-- or in our hands.

I might be in the minority here, but I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. Sure, it's handy to have (though, when I REALLY need it, like on the rare occasion when I NEED to make an actual call, it never seems to work right), but I really don't like how dependent on it I've become.

And, I'm not the only one. A new survey by shows the lengths we'll all go to in order to keep those devices with us. And, don't kid yourself, we're ALL pretty much addicted to our devices, aren't we? This survey said we check our smartphones at least 10 times a day (which seems low to me-- I'm checking mine WAY more than that), we answer texts as soon as we get them, and our phone is pretty much the last thing we see at night and first thing we see in the morning, right?

But what sacrifices would YOU make in order to keep your phone? That's the question the survey tried to answer. And they got some pretty telling responses, too. For instance, here in Minnesota, 40% of respondents said they'd rather be separated from their PETS instead of their smartphones! (Not me-- I'll take the pets over the phone ANY day.)

But wait, there's more: The survey said 44% of millennial respondents would rather be separated from their significant other for a month than be without their smartphone for a month. (Again, not me-- but then again, I'm not a millennial, either.) Many Minnesotans would also give up their morning coffee in order to keep their phone too: The survey said 64% would keep their phone instead of their jolt of java each morning. (Definitely not!)

And here's one I just cannot fathom: Nearly three-quarters of Minnesotans in the survey said they'd be willing to give up alcohol to keep their device! You read that correctly: 72% said they'd rather give up drinking for a month instead of giving up their smartphone for a month! Who ARE these people?!? (For me, most times, having a lovely adult beverage is about the only thing that makes dealing with all the nonsense on my phone tolerable!)

What sacrifices would YOU give up in order to keep your smartphone? And, seeing as you're probably on your phone ANYWAY, keep scrolling to check out some cool iPhone hacks.

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