Getting sent to the principal's office could be a sign of being a troublemaker or possibly the start of a career. In a KRFO Facebook poll, Pam Kubat said she got in trouble in second grade for selling pencils to students, but now sells items, including pencils, with logos.

On the other hand, Denise Eads says she shoved a pencil up a boy's nose in self defense and ended up in the principal's office. There's no indication that it led to a career as a martial artist.

In addition to the pencil category of discipline issues,

  • Clothing - quite a few readers indicated that wearing the wrong type of clothing, including Bermuda shorts that weren't long enough (Janet Norris) or tennis shoes in a Catholic school (Linda McDonald).
  • Teacher disrespect - Holly Caudillo says she antagonized her teacher, who took her notebook and threw it at her in the principal's office. Tim Fitzgerald said, "The teacher could read lips." He did not elaborate further. John W. Norris locked a teacher into a walk-in vault. (Sounds like that could be from a Harry Potter novel.)
  • Hair - Barry Gillespie said, "Hair. Yes. Hair." Graham Benoit added, "I had a mustache."
  • Catholic Schools - Beverly Klemmer Doucette was a fourth grader, "I just said Jesus wasn't white! That was back in the 50's! Turned out he wasn't!"
  • Skipping - Darlene Truhlar Polesky skipped school on senior skip day, but wasn't a senior.
  • Flirting - Douglas Johnson says, "I was the only guy in a class of 25 girls...and I flirted with them and the teacher hated he but I hunted with the principal so it was all OK."
  • R-rated - Shirley Zak told dirty jokes in English class. Nikki "Johnson" Bakken wore a shirt that showed chameleons in compromising positions.

A couple of posts indicated that trips to the principal's office were for positive reasons. But those stories aren't as funny. Keep adding to the Facebook entry. Also very popular is the post, "...tell us something about Owatonna that someone younger wouldn't understand."

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