Southern Minnesota has it all, from larger-than-life monuments to museums that highlight Minnesota's most-loved brands. In other words, there's lots to do when visiting.

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If you're traveling through Southern Minnesota, make sure you check out these must-see road trip attractions that are 100% Minnesotan.

1. Hermann The German in New Ulm

New Ulm is a city with lots to offer. Schell's Brewery is one particular attraction worth a stop, but if you're short on time, visiting Hermann the German is a fantastic option as it allows you to take in all the beauty of New Ulm.

According to Explore Minnesota, "The 102-foot monument depicts Hermann the Cheruscan, the ancient hero whose army liberated Germany from Roman rule in 9 A.D."

The stairs are a bit strenuous, but of course, worth the view.

2. Bison Herd At Minneopa State Park

Minneopa State Park, just outside of Mankato, is Minnesota's third oldest state park and is home to Southern Minnesota's largest waterfall. In addition, it is home to one of few re-established American Bison Herds in the state.

Weston Mackinnon, Unsplash
Weston Mackinnon, Unsplash

When I lived in the area, my friends and I would often visit just to animal watch. You'd be shocked at how fascinating these creatures can be.

3. Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth

The 55-and-a-half feet tall Giant welcomes all travelers off of Interstate 90. He is quite the sight. Note that his feet alone are 6-foot-long.

When stopping to take a selfie with this Minnesotan giant, make sure you check out the Giant Welcome Center and Museum. 

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4. Spam Museum in Austin

No Southern Minnesota road trip would be complete without a visit to the spam museum. 


The Spam Museum is an exceptional place, even if you're not a Spam lover. The history and success of the Minnesota-created product is truly fascinating. Plus, the museum is very kid-friendly.

If you're lucky, you might even be able to sample some free Spam!

5. The World's Largest Boot in Red Wing

Within the Red Wing Shoe Company and Museum is the massive size 638 1/2 boot.


Definitely worth a selfie! The museum is free to tour and is open seven days a week.

6. National Eagle Center in Wabasha

Meet some eagles inside the center and view them along the decks of the Mississippi River while you visit the National Eagle Center. It is pretty remarkable to see these creatures up close. While you're there, travel through the interactive exhibits and even hang out in a life-size replica of a bald eagle's nest.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the road today!

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