It's Graduation Week in Owatonna. Commencement is Friday, June 3 at the high school stadium field. OHS principal Kory Kath says in a letter to families, "We are excited for you to join us in recognizing the Owatonna Senior High School Class of 2022 with a day of celebration. We know this has been a very unique school year, and we hope to honor our senior class and ensure they are recognized for the incredible work they have accomplished on their journey towards graduation."


Like 2021, OHS graduation will take place at the stadium field. This year's commencement is at 7 pm on Friday, June 3. Kath states, "We will honor all seniors, take professional photographs, hear commencement addresses by members of the Class of 2022 and receive recognition from honored guests."

Roy Koenig/TSM (2021)


Dakota Kath and Fardouza Farah were recently announced by the OHS Magnet as the student speakers for the Class of 2022. Owatonna decides their speakers on an audition basis.



Students will attend practice at 1 pm on Friday, June 3 in the OHS gym. Graduates will gather at 6:15 pm in the gym in cap and gown. "All students are expected to dress appropriately. This means dress shoes, pants, shirts, etc," writes Kath. "Only OHS issued honor cards will be worn outside the gown and caps are not to be decorated."

"While we are unique individuals, this is a ceremony where we want to stand as one united group."


Owatonna High School will be lit up from 9 to 10 pm on Friday. "You are free to walk up and take photos," Kath indicates.

OHS lit blue
Todd Walkingstick (2020)


The forecast looks good for Friday, June 3 with a few afternoon clouds anticipated and highs near 70 degrees. But, just in case, the rain date is Sunday, June 5 at 7 pm as a backup plan.


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