20 Items Kids in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin LOVE Putting Up Their Noses

"Mom, Quinn put a pea up his nose!"

That was a memory that popped up for me on Facebook the other day.  Why I posted it on Facebook years ago, I have no idea, but I'm glad I did.  I forgot what life was like for a bit as I was navigating 3 little kids and trying to function on about 2 hours of very interrupted sleep every night.  #MomLife is fun.

That memory had me wondering what other random items moms saw up their kids' noses...so I asked them.  Moms all over sent me messages, called during my show, and chimed in over on our Facebook posts, and here are the top 20 items kids have shoved up their nostrils.

Be Careful! Kids Love Putting These 20 Items Up Their Noses

Parenting is so much fun. One moment you are changing a diaper, teaching someone how to use a potty, and then your little one is shoving random items up their nose. Life with kids is an adventure and according to moms in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, here are some of the more popular items kids like to shove in those nostrils.
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What did your kid put in their nose?

I'm just going to guess that there are more unusual items that have appeared in the nose cavity.  Teachers, daycare providers...I know you've got stories!  Go ahead and add what you've witnessed or heard about below or on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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