Target has everything. Except maybe an answer for this.

You know those enormous red cement balls outside of Target? Of course you do. Well, a driver knocked into one at a store in Paramus, N.J., causing it to roll away and hit another car before a man who saw what was taking place stops it.

Eileen Grady, the driver of car that got hit once the ball started rolling, says her vehicle suffered $3,500 in damages. She chronicled the event on Facebook back in December. Unfortunately for her, Target has no interest in paying her.

Grady is stuck between a red ball and a hard place. Target won't pay and police can't make out the license plate number of the truck that dislodged the ball, preventing her from seeking any sort of legal action against that driver.

As for how Target refuses to help, Grady, who now plans to take Target to court, says the company's actions are "despicable."

What do you think? Who should pay for the car's damage?

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