This week, Milla Jovovich’s Alice (we know her name is Alice because she says “My name is Alice” like 12 times in every movie) returns to the big screen to battle viral zombies yet again in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. As the title implies, this is supposed to be the last sequel in the franchise — I say “supposed to be” because, as movie franchise history has taught us, there is no such thing as a final chapter. To prove it, we’ve collected 15 movie sequels with titles that promised they’d be the last; they most definitely were not.

Of the 15 sequels listed above, two hail from the same franchise, two of them really should have been the final sequels (things only got worse from there), a couple of them have new sequels releasing this year, and five were distributed by Paramount — like true addicts, they repeatedly made promises they could not keep, and like true enablers, we supported them.

Will the sixth Resident Evil really serve as The Final Chapter, or might franchise history repeat itself ... possibly in three to four years ... after Milla Jovovich has had time to nap and explore edgier roles and return to her indie roots and ultimately find it’s not as fulfilling (i.e. profitable) as her video game franchise? Forgive our skepticism about this one — it’s just that there are 15 movies (at least) that prove Alice will be back, eventually.

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