SMART Transit recently announced that all veterans may ride the city route buses free of charge in their four hub cities of Albert Lea, Austin, Owatonna and Waseca. Veterans will need to show a military ID in order to take advantage of this offer.

SMART Transit recently began extended service by adding a bus for Owatonna during their peak hours of 7-10AM and 2-5PM. They have also added an additional trip to Blooming Prairie at 10:30AM and offer dedicated service within the city of Blooming Prairie  until 1:30PM. Rides in the city limits of Blooming Prairie are just $1. There is also an additional run to Blooming Prairie between 1-2PM Monday through Friday. SMART Transit also expanded hours in the city of Waseca, running 6AM to 6PM.

You can get additional information by calling (855) 762-7821 or check out the SMART Transit website.

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