Looking for a cool weekend getaway here in Iowa? There are SO many unique Airbnbs to rent out across the state! We put together a list of ten, one-of-a-kind Airbnbs in Iowa. Some of them you may have seen us post about before, but there are others that we just discovered that we wanted to share! Here's a breakdown of each listing:

Farmhouse Stay with Llamas at Prairie Patch Farm

If you love llamas, you're gonna LOVE Prairie Patch Farm in Cedar Rapids! Not only can you stay the night inside a remodeled farmhouse that's over 100-years-old, but the back porch is part of the Llama pasture! That means llamas could wander right up to the windows of the house to say hello! 4 guests are welcome to stay at the Airbnb, which features a kitchen stocked with essentials and a complimentary coffee bar, a living room with a pull-out couch, a bedroom, and a full bathroom. You'll also be able to wander the hiking trails on the 50-acre wildlife refuge/nature preserve. The cost is $145 per night. You can read more about the Airbnb HERE.

Barn Remodeled Unique Artsy, Solar Power Glamping!

Located in Ames, this Airbnb is perfect for up to four guests looking for a one-of-a-kind "glamping" experience. Only 10 mins away from Iowa State, the totally remodeled barn is located on three acres of property and has chickens and cats wandering around outside. A couple of other unique features are the beds. You can sleep inside of an old trailer or in a boat that's hanging from the ceiling! The cost is $135 per night.

Bohemian Firehouse-an authentic 1916 Firehouse

Built in 1916, this firehouse-turned-Airbnb is located right here in Cedar Rapids across from NewBo City Market! You'll stay on the second floor of the building, which was once the living space for on-duty firefighters. Up to four guests can enjoy the space, which is in "near original condition." Some of the cool features include vintage tile, built-in lockers in the bathroom that firemen used, a visible trap door from the original fire pole, and a mural of the team from the 1890s. The cost is $142 per night. You can read more information about the space HERE.

All Aboard- Train Depot Washington Iowa

Have you ever wanted to stay the night in a historic train depot? If so, this is a dream come true! This Washington, Iowa Airbnb, named All Aboard, is located inside a turn-of-the-century railroad depot, right next to an active freight tracks. The nicely decorated space is perfect for four guests, and contains three beds, a bathroom, and a kitchenette. It's pet-friendly, too! The cost is around $79 per night. If All Aboard isn't available, there's another private suite inside the depot called the Hobo Hotel. Read more on both spaces HERE.

Beautiful Cabin on BISON Ranch~1 Bedroom+2 Lofts!

This Malcom, Iowa Airbnb is located on a working BISON ranch. Yes, you read that correctly. The cabin is located on five acres of land, and there's a 1.6 mile walking trail around the bison enclosure. You can also stop by the store on the property, which contains items like bison meat and fresh eggs. The cabin can house up to seven guests and features a wrap around deck, a fireplace, a kitchen, loft space, a grill, and more. It'll cost you around $125 per night.

16,000 sqft LUX MANSION. GYMNASIUM 25 Beds

Like the title suggests, you and your family/friends can rent out a 16,000 sq. ft. mansion right here in Iowa for $1,366 a night. The Conrad Airbnb, better known as the Clemens Mansion, offers 11 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, a dining room, a GIANT gymnasium, a game room, and an impressive theatre room. If you can get a large group together, it would make for a great getaway! You can read more about the property HERE.

Unique Spanish Bungalow

I don't think Iowa has many Spanish bungalows, but there's at least one over in Des Moines that you can stay at! The home features a TON of artwork from all over the world, two bedrooms, a full kitchen, an office, and an outdoor deck. The basement offers a laundry area, as well as a pool table. There are restaurants, a grocery store, a coffee shop, and a park within walking distance, otherwise it's only ten minutes to drive to downtown Des Moines. The "eclectic" space will cost you around $134 a night.

CR Station Train Caboose

Earlier, we mentioned you could stay in an old train depot here in Iowa. Well, did you know you can also stay in a CABOOSE? This Decorah Airbnb is an actual old train caboose, which means that space is limited, but it can still fit a family of four. The interior has been fully restored, but you can still enjoy the original conductor's chairs and overhead handrails. Plus, there's a big outdoor deck, fresh apples and raspberries that you can pick, and friendly horses that you can pet! It'll cost you around $124 a night for your stay. Get more details HERE.

The Tack Shed

McGregor, Iowa has another interesting Airbnb that you can visit. This one only fits two people, though. It's a tiny house! According to the website, "the Tack Shed is a 12'x14' getaway constructed almost entirely from reclaimed or homesawn materials." It's very rustic and doesn't offer A/C or a private toilet (don't worry, there IS an indoor toilet nearby), but if you're looking for a unique place to get away, you've found it! Oh, and did we mention that there are horses that like to visit? A stay in the Tack Shed will cost you $91 per night.

The Grain Bin Lodge and Retreat

And last, but not least, we have an unusual Airbnb over in Le Mars, Iowa. This one is located inside an old grain bin! The website says, "this 30 foot diameter grain bin has been converted into a rustic two story getaway using reclaimed barn wood and corn crib lumber." The space is perfect for up to six guests, but no children under the age of 12 are allowed because of the abundance of antiques. It features a full bath, a vintage retro kitchenette, a dining area, 10 acres of land to explore, a fire pit, and more. The cost is $120 per night. You can read more about the Airbnb HERE.

Here are some photos of each AMAZING Airbnb, including links to their listing:

10 of the Most Unique Airbnbs in the State of Iowa

Looking for a cool weekend getaway here in Iowa? There are SO many unique Airbnbs to rent out across the state! We put together a list of ten, one-of-a-kind Airbnbs in Iowa.

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