The rendezvous was previously held in the city park in Mantorville. But due to the flooding of the park again last fall, causing the cancellation of the event, it was decided that a new location was needed

This rendezvous provides a way to experience early American history in a way that no textbook can. Check out demonstrations of all kinds from the Fur Trade Era (1740-1840). Some demonstrations have been on clothing and beads, guns of the era, fire starting, voyageur's life, fur trapping and archery. On Sept. 23-24, the camp is open to the public, where you may experience the ways of early American life as people came together to trade goods and services once or twice a year. Saturday the camp is open from 9AM to 5PM; Sunday the camp is open 9AM to 3PM.

So come out and look for me and have a great time at the Rendezvous! Here is what I look like sometimes in character.

And you can listen to win admission tickets on KDHL and Power 96.

Here is the sign on the new site!

John Anderson TSM Photo