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Zoom just made our holidays a little bit brighter with their latest announcement.  If you were looking for a way to connect with your loved ones this holiday season, now you can open up your gifts with families watching through Zoom because the time limit was just lifted for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for all

I'm not sure if Santa is the one who helped coordinate this holiday blessing for all but it definitely is a true gift.  Learn more here.

Wherever your family lives, connect on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning on Zoom.  You could open up gifts together, get creative and play a game, or you could even share fun memories with one another from the past years.

Zoom also created some fun, festive backgrounds to help set the perfect holiday mood too for your Zoom family functions in 2020.

Helpful Hint:  if you have family members that are technically challenged, maybe plan to meet up with them virtually ahead of a family gathering just to help get through any glitches that they may experience.  It can be a frustrating process for those who haven't been on video calls for school or work but with a little patience, it could be one of the highlights of 2020.

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