The town is Collecchio and it's in Italy. They have a law in regards to fireworks. It pretty much states that all fireworks must be silent. Silent? Yes, it's something fairly new in Europe. Collechhio passed the law in 2015 and offered their first silent fireworks display on New Years Day in 2016. The Setti Fireworks company has been producing silent fireworks for just a few years.

The reasons given for the silent treatment is out of respect for the town's dogs. Loud noises can cause animals to run and ride. Or run and possibly get hit by a car.

You can read more in this Dog Times article.

Other reasons towns and groups are in favor of silent fireworks include less stress for veterans suffering from PTSD.

When we state silent fireworks, it's not complete silence but much softer booms and pops. Here's a youtube video of Setti Silent Fireworks. What do you think?

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