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Since it is taboo to hug people right now, I found another way to get those endorphins to start rushing through your body.  Goats.  Yes, you can hug baby goats in Byron on Saturday for free.🐐

A business in Byron, Minnesota, Simple Soaps for Simple Folks, announced on their Facebook page that they are opening up their barn doors on Saturday for anyone who would like to come and give their baby goats a hug.  It's all free but due to COVID, they are limiting hug time to 15 minutes time slots.  If you want to score some free hugs, you just need to send them a message.

Credit: Shanna McCann, Simple Soaps for Simple Folks

Come and snuggle our baby goats! You deserve some time for a little goat therapy.
Please reach out with a private message to setup a time to visit; you'll be able to spend 15 minutes snuggling and enjoying the antics of our babies.

Please wear clothing that you aren't afraid of getting dirty in, and boots are suggested as it's "mud season" here on the farm.

Donations are gladly accepted, and will be put towards feed for the animals. - Simple Soaps for Simple Folks Facebook Event Page

Credit: Shanna McCann, Simple Soaps for Simple Folks

Add "Goat Hugs" to your calendar for Saturday and don't forget to send Simple Soaps for Simple Folks a message to secure your 15-minute time slot between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm.  You can do that easily and see all of the details on their Facebook page here.

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