A photo shared to the Minnesota thread of Reddit claims to show a Central Minnesota man riding in a cart pulled by his llama.

"This guy living his best life in Central MN," reads the photo's caption, posted online by Reddit user u/freddybear72. The photo -- taken from the inside of a passing vehicle -- shows a man being pulled behind a llama in a two-wheel cart.

This guy living his best life in Central MN from r/minnesota

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"Oh that has to be in Stearns county," speculated one person in the photo's comments.

"OP's Quarry Park pass agrees with you," affirmed another.

"Could be Wright Co, as well," guessed another. "Lots of alpaca and emu farmers there." The photo has -- of course -- led to plenty of jokes as well.

"When your driver's license is revoked for too many DWI's," cracked one.

"When you are just done with having your catalytic converter cut out," joked another, referring to the recent spate of catalytic converter thefts across the state.

"God, I see what you’ve done for others, and I want that for me," prayed one jokingly.

The matter of DWI did raise a common question -- can you get a ticket for driving while under the influence while riding behind a llama? According to a 2017 "Ask a Trooper" article by Elk River's Star News, in Minnesota it is a crime "to drive, operate, or be in physical control of any motor vehicle, within this state or on any boundary water of this state" while under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, hazardous substances or a combination therein. By that definition, the article goes on to explain, riding a bike or horse -- which are not motorized vehicles -- while under the influence is not a ticket-able offense, though it is a safety concern. We will assume that riding a cart pulled by a llama while under the influence is therefore not a ticket-able offense either, though we don't recommend it, either.

Have you seen this guy before or do you know where in Central Minnesota this was most likely spotted?

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