You might have heard of something called a serpentine belt, which is a part of your vehicle's engine. But this driver found an ACTUAL serpent under the hood of their SUV recently.

Omro Police Department/Facebook
Omro Police Department/Facebook

Yeah, this will make you think twice when you open the hood of your car or truck. It happened to a driver last week over in my home state of Wisconsin, in Omro. That's near Oshkosh, about a half-hour southeast of Green Bay.

The Omro Police Department posted about the incident on their Facebook page, saying the driver of the SUV pulled over because the vehicle was acting strangely. When they popped the hood open, they found out why: their was a huge snake in the engine compartment.

Okay, did that give anybody else a major case of the willies right now too?!?

Luckily, the post continued, Omro police called a few local reptile experts who were able to get the python-- which they think is a ball python-- freed from the SUV. It had slithered between the engine and the skid plate and knocked off the serpentine belt in the process, which explained why the SUV wasn't running right.

The big snake was removed without harm and, at last check, was "alive and well, just tired and scared," the post noted. As was the driver, I'm guessing. No word on who owns the python, or how it got under the hood. though.

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