Coffee should be its own food group, I am fond of calling it the nectar of the gods. As you might have guessed, my house always has coffee, and I will brew it in the middle of summer. There is no such thing as "too hot for coffee."

I don't own a Keurig, I measure out the grounds, and put it in a filter and brew it. I like the pot of coffee, it makes more than one cup, and now that my daughter shares this addiction with me, it makes more sense.

Recently we went to the local store to get more coffee grounds, well, what I thought were grounds. Turns out I bought whole bean coffee. This meant a search for the coffee grinder, but, I do have to say I like grinding my own beans. The coffee just tastes fresher for some reason.

Grinding coffee can be more time consuming, but, what is an extra few seconds in the morning for the wonderful taste of coffee? I also don't end up with a lot of wasted coffee, it gets consumed almost before it is done brewing.

Pavel Timofeyev Townsquaremedia

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