Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) -  Rochester Police happened upon the wallet, which was found lying in the parking lot at the Holiday convenience store along 4th Street Southeast late Friday night. A spokesman says the officer brought to the law enforcement center a short time before a man who identified himself as 26-year-old Steven Bury called the police department and asked if anyone had found his wallet.

The Columbia Heights man then drove to the Law Enforcement Center to claim his wallet apparently thinking officers did not look inside it or he forgot what was inside it. Inside the wallet, police found Bury’s identification and 2 small baggies the contained approximately 1.3 grams of cocaine.

A spokesman says Bury was taken into custody on a drug possession charge and noted he could also face a DUI charge because it appeared he was impaired when he came to the Law Enforcement Center police ordered a blood sample be taken for testing.

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