Welp, I have never seen Christmas trees quite like this.

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While scrolling on Facebook yesterday, I came across these pictures of vibrantly colored Christmas trees, and after doing some detective work, I discovered these eccentric trees are located at Rum River Tree Farm in Oak Grove. This family-owned farm has been operating for almost 50 years.

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Starting Saturday, November 20th, patrons will be able to cut their own trees. In other words, if interested, you could come chop and take home one of these oddly-colored pines. 

So, it's time for the question we've all been asking. How do you dye a Christmas tree and is it environmentally safe?

According to House Beautiful, these groovy trees are created from a special dyeing process. The dye, however, only holds when temperatures are 40 degrees or warmer, meaning Minnesota tree farmers have to think ahead. 

(Supposedly, the spray dye actually helps preserve the trees' needles.)

Facebook users had some mixed reviews:

Gail L. raved about the place saying:

"They go like hot cakes!!! Day after thanksgiving!!! I got a white one last year and it was so pretty."

Dani R. commented:

"Used to live in Saint Francis and I loved driving by this farm!"

However, not everyone has pleasant things to say.

Mark W. explained:

"[I] will never understand the color or flocked trees. [F]locked trees were very popular in the seventies. [T]rees were already a fire hazard in a house on rare occasions. I think the flocking chemicals were toxic."

Renee N. wrote:

"[They] are called ever greens for a reason."

Overall, most reviews were quite positive. So I guess I just have one more question. Would you ever buy a colored Christmas tree? What color would you pick?

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