COVID-19 has changed a lot of things we took for granted.  In fact, many of our usual day-to-day activities (both work and recreation) look completely different than they did a few months ago.

As the pandemic has raged on into the summer months, many lamented the fact that they wouldn't be able to watch baseball.  Even as professional baseball came up with alternative ways to get their games in, fans were left without being able to watch the action in-person, at a baseball stadium.

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Perhaps more than anything else associated with actually being able to be at a baseball game, stadium food is the most-missed item on fans list.  Sure - the games are being played and yes, you can watch them at home on TV - but the stadium/vendor food experience is missing.

Or is it?

Here are some tips for food items that can make your at-home baseball watching experience a little more like actually being there.  Some of these items are store-bought, some you'll need to make or cook - but all of them together help to create the quintessential American baseball experience.  Happy eating!

Foods Synonymous With Watching Baseball

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