This Saturday starting at 2 it's the Rochesterfest Grand ParadeHave you figured out where you're going to watch it yet? Once you do, how can you be sure you'll actually have a place to sit and watch when the day comes? WIth a towel or chair, of course!

The towel or chair isn't just reservation spot, it's a line in the sand. You go away and know no one would DARE take your spot because those items fairly scream, "This Space Reserved for Parade Watching by Susan and Her Family of 5."

Sad boy

But what if someone DOES take your stuff? Is there anything you can do? Where do parade blanket and chair thieves go with their ill-gotten gains? No one knows! But I do know how you can get more at a super cheap price, so don't be sad little boy sitting on the bench. You'll have a chair or a blanket to sit on!

If someone is so cruel as to take your left-out-on-a-public-space-overnight items, you might be outta luck. Hard to prove their yours. Don't worry, tho, if they're gone, and you need something to sit on, your first stop should be the James Rabe Parade Chair and Blanket Emporium! Deals deals deals!

Click here for the parade route.


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