We don't typically use the phrase 'white Thanksgiving'. We generally use it after Thanksgiving to describe Christmas time. But what are the odds that Minnesota could see a 'white' Thanksgiving? The Weather Channel did the heavy lifting for me and crunched the numbers and gave the #boldNorth odds at having an inch of snow on the ground for Thanksgiving. The odds we have a 'white Thanksgiving' are anywhere between 40-90% depending on where you live in Minnesota. 

Image Credit: Brian Brettschneider
Image Credit: Brian Brettschneider

As you can see from the graph above, Southern Minnesota and portions of Western Minnesota have the lowest probability of seeing that elusive inch of snow in time for Thanksgiving, while the Arrowhead and the iron range has the highest probability of seeing a 'white Thanksgiving'.

The Weather Channel went on to state that looking at the past 70 years of weather data showed "International Falls, Minnesota, had a 'white Thanksgiving' 77% of the time, Duluth had a 73% chance of a 'white Thanksgiving'.

Thanksgiving doesn't fall on the same date every year as other holidays do, so it was a little tougher to crunch the numbers as climatologists had to look at just the 4th week of November when Thanksgiving falls.

If you aren't a fan of snow, anywhere South of Tennessee to our East, and the lower half of Arizona and California to our West have the lowest probability of seeing any snow cover around turkey day, so slap on the sunscreen.

This Thanksgiving I'll be thankful for any snow we get, as I've got an itch to get out and ride.

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