Someone needs to tell this alligator that it needs to stop being so damn adorable.

When you think of alligators, you probably don't picture a cute playful animal that deserves all the cuddles but I'm here to show you the alligator that might change your mind when it comes to these swamp creatures.

This video was all over social media this weekend, so I had to track down the original so I could find out the story behind this cute baby gator.

As you can see in the video, a couple of guys were having a little fun on the swamp with a green laser pointer. As you see the green dot on the water, a small alligator starts to nip at it and chase after it—just like a small playful cat or kitten would.

A little bit of internet research (it was just Google, people. literally, one Google search) told me that this gator was not from Louisiana as some on social media had suggested, but instead came from South Carolina. Also, the video actually surfaced over a year ago but has been seeing an uptick on social media.

I found the original video and it seems like this was definitely a baby gator as the men captioned the video describing it as a 4-footer.

Reactions on social media were what you would expect—a mixture of jokes and those who were genuinely impressed.


One person brought up a point that questioned the safety of doing this with gators, or any animal for that matter.


I think the ultimate takeaway here is that gators aren't kittens, so next time you see one in the wild, just beware, be alert, and be safe.

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