The Minnesota Vikings had quite the up and down season with some fans hoping we could side step into the playoffs, but that is not happening this year. But all was not lost with the exciting playing of rookie Justin Jefferson who is possibly up for Rookie of the Year.

Here is the breakdown of his incredible year with one last game to go this weekend against Detroit. Jefferson had 79 catches for 1,267 yards so far, and needs just 47 yards in the season finale to break Randy Moss’ franchise rookie record. When Stefon Diggs was traded to Buffalo I was so bummed, he was my favorite player on the team and I was wondering who could possibly fill those shoes? Jefferson has done a pretty amazing job, plus unlike Diggs he seems like a pretty humble guy.

This past Christmas Jefferson was unable to spend time with his family because of COVID-19 but thanks to Facetime he was able to see his Mom's reaction as she saw the incredible present he got her which was a brand new Range Rover, her dream car! He went on to post on Instagram and said he was so happy to be able to do this for her.

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Although Jefferson has tried to downplay all his accomplishments on the field this season he realizes he has room to grow as a player and eager to learn. He stated:

There’s always room for improvement with everything I do,” Jefferson said. “I don’t do anything perfectly. There’s definitely a lot of work to be done. Just trying to get faster, stronger, being able to run smoother routes. I’m definitely going to be in the lab this offseason.

Fingers crossed that he can stay healthy, he is so young and so talented and to have such a great first year in the NFL has to be a big boost for his confidence. And on top of that he has his priorities straight in making sure his family is taken care of. I guess I found my new favorite player on the team.

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